I see you in smoke…Everyday in fragments I let you vaporize
Drifting away like a melancholic sacrifice
I wonder where you float wonder which paths lead you to divine
Yet there you are in morning rains, teasing with petrichor like a lullaby
Knocking and drizzling on my window panes
Communicating, levitating, chasing, and settling over the dew
A mutiny, a refutation of incessant negation…Just a solemn passerby
My rainday antique…A tour to detour
Swayed with your presence, carved with sophistication your single malt with ice
The road not taken, the path to nowhere…A hidden seclusion
Lo-fi on the radio tonight
Forbidden drums…The gramophone stuck on the rhetoric compositions
Let me take your coat…As you change your shoes, the door ajar welcomes with a smile
The monsoon in November, wind channelizing the dandelions
You have brought spring into dusk…Dimmed lamps and changing neon lights
It’s all planned yet it isn’t thought out
Usher will guide you…Dried in the waters of time
Churned in the sand of anarchy, I see you bloom near the warmth of fireplace
Resonance of spectrum, your comfort is all I desire
Leaves of desolate thunder, sliding through the passage of vile
Tumbled under starry nights, caressed by the dreams of letting go
Slowly with the ignition…My existence will be forgotten 
Through the grin of kindle as I inhale, just like the fresh breath, you’ll disintegrate
The silver lining, the zig-zag stairway in grey
We’ll be strangers…I the ordeal and you the ode 
I see you in smoke…Everyday in fragments I let you vaporize

By- Kshitij Sinha