A Drink Over Balcony

 Are you different or Strange
Are you mad or insane?
Are you a venom or a poison I’m dying to intake
Are you a drink bound to be an elixir in all its stage
As I stir you or as I shake the embrace
Let’s add a touch of logic ready to be renounced in every way
Echo of footsteps Tic…Tic…Tic
Have you forgotten the time an ingredient we all miss
Two drops of anger and a pinch of longingness
In nostalgia, I’ll reside yet in the forgiveness you’ll dwell
Damaged dawn or an epiphany, a saga of twilight
In dark, I’ll prepare the champagne 
Callous…Mere Callous down the lane
A drink of hunger a quench of thirst
Are you prey or a predator…Strangled in the trap of future mistakes
Are you different or strange
Are you mad or insane?
Are you a clock lost in the consequences of rhyme
Or a repercussion of myriad poetic device

By- Kshitij Sinha

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