Bitter Taste Pungent Smell

Bitter taste pungent smell
Dusty roads and a nostalgic land
A lake so calm and placid.. Some birds tweeting a ballad of happiness 
Certain rhymes resonating her dusky hairs
Memories… Memories that’s all I have left 
Bitter taste and pungent smell
A smile so pure… And a glance so cold
Twinkling stars and a longing road 
Flickering shadows melancholic songs 
A language I don’t understand and a tongue I forgot 
Splattered the ink splashes of red and vibrant greens 
A walk over manor…Wavy grass… Soft as an echo
Who am I… Where was I, Am I lost or am I found 
All I see is enlightenment…illumination and darkness around 
Bitter taste pungent smell
And million eyes scrutinizing behind iron bars

As the rain falls as the season juggles
Over leaves of the shroud
Dead carcass over runaway… I’ll walk the autumn as the spring shouts
Swing of loneliness and petrichor hovering in the crowd
Meddled in melody and melted in euphoric sounds
Am I losing it.. Or it’s the world rotating… Revolving
Up with tides.. low on a new moon sky
Bitter taste pungent smell 
The ocean came and washed my doubts 

By- Kshitij Sinha