Espresso and Chai

Sitting at the aisle of darkness
Dwelled..contemplating the layers of introspection
I feel so weak that I let myself go
Look at my audacity… I dared to think that it’ll be so easy to flow
Convulged in the whirlpool of roses
So immoral I stand…Mercy, I’m a parasite
Tears…I wish at-least today you were by my side
In the voyage to discover all of me
How come I stooped so low…
Look at my stubbornness…Once again I fell for a world
A world far from my reach…Shiny glasses and the poor I
My throat has dried…Not a single word today to hold me tight
In the abyss of all, I could have ever craved for
I lost what I feared the most…Indeed I lost hope
Look up and look beyond
Even horizon don’t dare to look back anymore
In this new moon sky…I thought I could possess the star so bright
In this chaos of myriad dreams..I can’t see the ladder I behold
I knew it was inevitable
I knew I was wrong..Still, I trusted the divine
Once again…Why, Why
I have to always choose the road less traveled by
Yet isn’t it all I ever was
Karma revolves in a circle…I guess my radius wasn’t wide

Anyways stand up..Here pickup your smile
It’s ok if you plan to hide your eyes…No twinkle No shine
So shallow they’re once fallen there’s no point to rise