One n Same

The charade of numbness and the boat of emotions
As it sinks in the river of questions and as I paddle through the lanes I no longer remember 
Which window is yours? the mind involuntarily questions
Neither of them, the heart replies 
Day and nights are now one n the same
The sea and the waves now whisper so strange 
As I drown in your incessant pilgrimage 
Unnamed my voyage...Wasn't you my truth?
The lie I keep spreading in your lanes
As I dive...struggling to breathe, I wonder which door is yours?
The heart desires to knock all of them
Yet the mind only sees the locks
Day and nights are now one n the same
Your flaws are now nostalgia and somehow it's me both the stabber and the stabbed
Day and nights are now one n the same
The clock ticking in reverse the sky crumbling into dust
As I paddle and as I search in the depth of your narrow yet entangled memories
I wonder why the lamp always flickers...Why no one had it fixed?
Since you left...everything has lost its identity and suddenly a new identity in every face 
I paddle I paddle and I paddle
I woke up only to realize...I had lost the way 
Day and night are now one n same
What is delayed is not denied
Day and night are now one n the same
In the waking world...Your lane was never found again

By: Kshitij Sinha