Riverdale (Yang)

It’s a deep dark blue night
Accompanied by solace in emptiness and poised moonlight
Sprinkled stardust and scrutinized spies
I get closer to you but farther proceeds the rhyme
Strech of melody expanded till eyesight
Luckily I’m blind, not by birth but by choice
Oh! Riverdale I sing to you again
Come and lift me high… I desire to fall
High in the bay of Milkyway sky
Where I’ll play with planets, revolve in orbits
I’ll be my own shade and light
Discovering my axis I’ll sing you a lullaby
My Riverdale promise that you’ll stay mine
True love is a hoax endless affection is hysteria in disguise
Just accept me Riverdale in your whirlpool I’ll die
Don’t scold me, don’t be harsh, don’t be cruel
I’m only a child
Lost in your dreams, lust for your pain
Craving for your empathy
Just cuddle and I’ll evaporate with a smile
Riverdale my Riverdale
Is this a practical question?
To be sensible and lucid while following your voice

By- Kshitij Sinha