The snake with the red mouth

The snake with the red mouth
He saw he slithered and he whispered
Coming closer in stealth…It leaped and hissed
Melancholy undoubtedly imbibed in his politeness…Me, him and nobody else to be seen
Still was I.. In awe and his admiration
Such gray silver scales and the shining crystals
Fathomable eyes subtle like sparkling waters
A fountain of anger… Inseparable, real or fictional
Silently but slowly he wrapped me around
Neither I resisted… The comfort of salvation I found
Who I was, what I wanted, and what have I become
The snake with the red mouth

Consummated in his poison. A venom of all the thirst I’ll ever quench
That bite reminded me of hills and creeks,,, A visitor from far and far away
He kissed the venom of wanderlust and the shivering chills
Sleepless nights and the long walks… Poetry and the smoked ajar
A fear I forget in the rain-check of denial

Peeking through the chaotic door he tightened his grip
The snake with the red mouth… Supple and slender he proceeds
From neck to toe… I was stolen in his fragrance
Things I could neither touch nor see, Intoxicated in the orthodox of his debt
It’s hard to see your life hanging on a string
Precise push a loosened touch or even a path you skipped
Who am I.. I wondered as the reptile caressed my cheek

“Yet again I’m ready to cut my nails, comb, and oil my hairs, will wear the blanket of warmth and turn to a beautiful surmise in the lap of a deary long sleep
An awaited one and guess even in dreams the only thing I would love to do is seek refugee under the eyes of balmy attractive winsome and a limelight siesta”

Surviving my own betrayals.. Where I’m supposed to live
The snake with the red mouth breathed my last breath

By- Kshitij Sinha

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