Written By You

 I know you’ll swim and slither
Just like a rattlesnake…dressed as a golden
Written in Times new roman and formatted in the calibri of old rhymes
A drop of venom in Zurich
Guilts breathing in Paris under starry nights
You talk of a simile…A metaphor I like
Indeed, we both abide by the irony
Separated by an oxymoron…Disguised in a rhetoric smile

I know you’ll swim and slither
And still, you chose to pass by
A pedestrian in a bustling civil street…Sliding in moonlight
Isn’t it dark?
Isn’t it noir?
Isn’t it cynical?
To be and to not be scared of sunshine
I know it twinkles, I know it’ll illuminate…It’ll hide under clouds
I know it seeks youAnd I know…What I know doesn’t count

I know you’ll slither and swim
And I know you’ll turn the pages
You’ll look…You’ll peer…You’ll scrutinize and you’ll say “The ink betrayed this time”
Whatever I have written isn’t just an impression of void
Markings of poisonous bite, fins so sharp, a twisted claw so fragile
I hear the noises and I’m confused in this perplex of jingling hymn
So happy being dead in remorse of the afterlife

By – Kshitij Sinha