Black Swan

What words do I have left
What metaphors are there to personify again
Should I take refuge back in the rain, mountains, and autumn
Or accept the secluded summon of silence
Isn’t it the same…the cycle of phases
To accept to attach to detach and to fluctuate
Wasn’t it now that I was ready to love
The depth of your eyes…
The pupils singing lullabies and novice mine, just trying to adjust with the aura you imbibe
It was now that I could feel your touch
To draw you close and closer to whisper in wind, knowing every single word has reached your realm
To be one and to be yours…In the brightest of days and in the darkest of hours

The fountain the boat…The lotus and the gust of separation
I know we met in the timelines forbidden
I wish you’d stay and I wish you felt the home I had constructed for you in me
The way I was trying to manifest mine in you
Black swan of mine…the prized possession of mine
What are you running away from what are you chasing and what all have you found
What all are you willing to lose and why it’s me whose lost

By- Kshitij Sinha