Understandable but Unnecessary

It echoes and it resonates…It whispers and it fluctuates
To be nobody and to be everyone else
On the walls of my solemn castle, I could witness the ivy growing
A trench coat on the mountains of monsoon so banal yet profound
The beauty I observed engulfed the abyss…only to close the doors in dark
Does it takes courage…Willing to be apart?
It has rained and yet you devour me of thirst
Kind your demeanor too perfect to trust
Like a nascent wine, I feel your touch
Treading down the windy road
Persuasion and Persistence aged under cherry blossoms
I wonder and question what all you had taken and why was it always the void that I could provide
A leaf trapped in your book…A leaf that was once mine
To remember is understandable but unnecessary
Like a boat in downstream you sailed…Dear don’t you worry Don’t you question…Where am I
It was understandable but now unnecessary

Regards – Kshitij SInha