Chronicles of Dichotomy: Love, Law, and Luminance

The dichotomy of your palms and the selectivity of your eyes
Why don’t you pull me close as the wind surpasses your emotions...numb, we elope in hindsight
Serene river floating dreams surreal your head resting on the vile and menace shoulder of mine
Do I even deserve you? My mind murmured
No, the universe replied
The dichotomy of your palms and the selectivity of your eyes
As I pull you closer in the circle of time
Your love resonates centripetal and the distance drives me centrifugal
Yet the escape velocity could never follow the parabola…the energy the spark the moreish you and dusk where I reside
The mass I engulf over the abyss of yours…and the speed of light in the continuity
Dear your brilliance is making me blind…
The dichotomy of your palms and the selectivity of your eyes
As I swivel swindle and interpret the enigma of fate it’s the line of heart that has shot like a meteorite
Stern and volatile vulnerable yet all but fragile
Twinkling in the silver lining of your tears somewhere in between the life I’ll reside
I’ll command the stars to align from Venus to Saturn to Mars all sublime…in that brief moment
I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine
Our days are limited and the moments of separation range from indefinite to infinite
Tomorrow as you are decorated in traditional black…my verdict in your court
Will be just a paucity in vehement skies…
Order Order it’s your turn to describe and it’s me with my outdated shorthand
Typewriter with missing keys and a lever stuck in endless timelines
Milord don’t be fast…let the handcuffs be loose
I precisely know how I’ll be described

 “The me in your words is a random misnomer that doesn’t even exist
The me in your words is like a winter snowing hollowness emptiness and engulfing the spring you possess
The me in your words is accused of murder, theft, abduction, intimidation, assault to even pickpocketing
My trial of innocence couldn’t even find a hearing”

Thank you for giving me a vocabulary for my unsaid words…order order order as soon I tried to speak the court was adjourned
All that’s left is a me that you described in your words a me mentioned in mine a me hanged in yours and a me seeking light being blind
A me battling an incessant trial…Mediation arbitrations a trial where all is yours that was once mine
The dichotomy of your palms and the selectivity of your eyes
You remember me for all I could never be…I cherish you as a thought
There’s no memory of a thought


By: Kshitij Sinha