Dear Moavi – The Morning Memoir2: Aimed Tires

Wonder with what alliteration I’ll start today or rather I should start by asking questions from myself; were there things that I could have done better and are their things where I should be more patient.
Life has been stagnant for quite some time and there were days where I could have had things differently. I see Lewis Hamilton in formulae one he’s very dedicated and competitive he’s a 7 times world champion it isn’t an easy feat to achieve, people say that’s because of the fast car he has still the dedication and focus he presents to the sport is unprecedented. F1 is a different sport it requires a pristine discipline and an unfathomable focus, single oversteer and you’re out plus it’s not a single man sport there goes a lot in research, your car is your partner and it has to support you the way you do, there’s a team entirely of strategy there’s the pit and there’s crew responsible to elevate you and with a single weakling, the whole process is shattered. Lewis is modest humble and he says “Still Rising”; isn’t everyday is a race in itself a place where you have to rise and to become a better version of yourself than you were yesterday. I see Max Verstappen the team and the racer I support, he’s extremely talented and aggressive towards his sport he’s determined and if he’s there you know he’s someone you can rely on someone whose gonna give the best in fact both are equal in that way, yet Hamilton is mature given an opportunity he’ll trust the process he’ll absorb the setback and he’ll rise, he’ll let the game play, he’ll trust himself and when the opponent is trifle he’ll strike back. Max, on the other hand, will strike given the first opportunity he’ll just charge and he’ll bring that position where if you’re not willing to deescalate or if you’re not pushing the brake, leaving the throttle both of them will be crashed as he doesn’t give up. This is something that makes this rivalry so impressive as they trust their discipline and they’re so dedicated that they understand each other. Yesterday the race was at prestigious Monaoco the Montecarlo of narrow lanes and the circuit of precision. The whole weekend was a rollercoaster as one can say the qualifying in Monaco is the extremely important part of the race since overtaking in Monaco is the least of the possibilities and it’s something that makes the race so impressive and differentiates it from everyone else. The qualifying was compromised by the Pole and crash of Charles Leclerc, yet the racer couldn’t even race due to the gearbox issue, the team took a gamble and they were penalized. One of the things that Formulae 1 teaches us is that the risk should always be calculated and measured you can’t rely on probability and luck here it has to be well thought out planned and executed. Charles must have been gutted. He’s a positive and gifted driver he’ll shine and he’ll have his redemption. The thing that caught my attention was the start of the race as Charles absence has actually created a void since Max was second and Valteri being third has an empty place in front of him: a straight line both of them had equal positional pole, Max, ahead with outside line and Bottas with inside line, the one who’ll take this lead will be leading throughout. It was something that was understood. The thing that caught my attention was the clarity Max had from the moment lights started flashing he has his car and wheels aimed and targeted at right, he knew where he had to go and what place to overtake.
It was lights out and away we go with Bottas having a better start but with the determination of Max, he turned ahead of his confidence and aggression Valteri has to back off, and there we had our leader. Precision, accuracy, strategy, dominance, and composed was his drive…The champion of Monaco.

Valteri has to retire because the threading of nuts in his weak betrayed him, such a trivial part costed over several million dollar car, Hamilton also got beaten by strategy in Portimao that brought him victory and in Monaco have him betrayed his poor quali was of no help and he has to settle somewhere where he couldn’t have himself imagined; the best car the world champion driver had himself tied in this exquisite circuit, something that can happen only in Monaco.

I plan things but I hardly execute them, I build expectations and think that will have everything with ease. I feel I’ll be seamlessly accepted my call answered and my words flowing through the whirlpools. Yet time has me tested and I had to face several setbacks. So what should I learn…Persistency and focus have answers to things and even if they don’t they guide you, they hold you like a cigarette they accept you, and even if things aren’t going accordingly….You Still Rise

By- Kshitij Sinha