My Draft Page

Draft…The first and the last
I look at you the white solid page with myriad gradients
Shades as you reflect the light and that tindle effect as I brush the dust over you
Dust of words proses and verses that could never come out
Dust of our secrets and my monologues…I told you about my first kiss I told you about the tepid rains
I told you about holding hands
I told you how easily we connected and how from promising to be each other's
How easily we would fight again and again
How even a trivial discomfort felt like a vile addiction
How from being homes somewhere down the line we both became bishops
You covered the light and I had to inherit the dark
From being the one to someone I used to know
My Draft page I wrote and burn some to let some tussle with the wind only to find their new purpose
Some sailed my alleyways as the showers and tears convulsed into a single existence
Some shattered like every single glass which reflected my image
Some preferred to remain blank and some traveled across the mountains...across the sea
Through meadows and some through the barren desert of my rainforest
I wonder when all left why…Why my draft page you stayed

Why do we seek a love where we aren’t loved back
Why we hide lie and cheat knowing it’s an endless loop
Why do we meet only after the clock has stuck 2:22 in the morning
We… me and you, me the one with all the personalities ceasing to exist
And you my draft page..why our existence is co-dependent
You live only when I think to write and I live only when I lift the pen to write…
You aren’t draft anymore once that final period arrives, a full stop to all you could be
And I…I forget who I’m and who I was as the pen refuses to accept me as worthy

Aren’t you weird I can’t even share a drink with you, I can’t light a cigarette and say it’s ok we’ll share
You have nothing that I can borrow and why giving you all of mine...It's me who has always gained 
It's a one way street my Draft page and in the upcoming chapter I'm burning the last standalone bridge

By: Kshitij Sinha