Papillon your violet rays
From dusk to dawn all I hear is your name
In my shadow in the maze, in the darkest of hollows, and in the brightest of days
Searching finding exploring and down to desperate knocks 
Peeking in shadows to meaningless monologues 
Papillon your rays have gone dismal 
Your presence so dull and cumbersome
Brittle is your dogma and no-one you have become
From the sting of chaos to the questions of breeze, I wonder if you still ponder existence in the sea
Your music is a repetition of full moon nights and under only a new moon you’re now found
What are you scared of and why do you desire to be fearless 
Why have you locked up the curiosity and why do you answer only in nods
A bit close for comfort... how far you have wandered and how far you'll risk to remember
Out of sight...invisible you're now in front of all the eyes
Papillon!! Papillon !! my beloved Papillon 
Papillon your violet rays
From dusk to dawn all I hear is your name
I was in a boat and I was on a swing I flew to places and nowhere you'll be seen
I sought you in temples and in the closed walls of ripples
I followed the signs as you suggested...what am I missing and what am I forgetting
In the repetition of beads and in the words of dreams 
In the running streets and in the streets where we run
Papillon soon there will be a crossroad and soon in the conjecture of seeking and found
We'll come across a snake with the red mouth
It'll slither over you and to me he'll whisper...He'll rattle and will bring his fangs out
He'll bite and he'll bite hard
Are you ready to witness...A tragedy of our own making
Unfulfilled potentials...does fate really balances out things in the end?

By: Kshitij Sinha
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