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As it rains and as I'll dwell in the finest of red
The music of Lo-fi and the drops of disguise
What has brought you here? I asked
"The crave of your presence" tepid drops replied
As I'll light and drag the cigarette of death
As I'll asphyxiate my lungs to the extent
On edge above you, me, and everyone else
Soon my presence will be lost...Soon my touch, my hands, my kiss, and our talks 
Soon they'll be nothing more than just a regret of past
It's been a week since I left...Tomorrow it'll be a decade
And as I'll wake'll be an eternity of mindfulness
A mind where was you and your thoughts
A mind fixated on them...holding and never lettig go of your arms
As it rains and as the leaves turn green
As the seed grows into a tree...Pigeons will find their abode
Squirrels will be up and running...Under the hue of the sky
Everyone will have their home
Chasing a four-walled cocoon...It'll be me
Without a shelter, nobody to call my own

By: Kshitij Sinha