Empty Notes

Our last meeting has turned my world upside down
It has washed all my prejudice and it had made me question my existence
To be or not to be…What have I found and what have I lost
I had really forgotten how she looked until I saw her again then again and again…A second before the second and a second after the second
Intertwined in the polaroid of dreams…Soon I’ll be revolving in the orbits of both known and unknown 
An escape velocity of monochromes in the waves…Ripples of past imperfections and a shattering existence
Indeed the old settling vibrations will take over, my walls will be raised and the path to castle will be erased 
Sooner than soon there will be peace…Sooner than soon will there ever be peace?
Our last meeting makes me contemplate and question
What was this sudden upsurge, this vivid enunciation of emotions amidst the whirlpool of numbness
The vortex amalgamated with annihilation, suffocation, and freedom
Wasn’t it new, Wasn’t it beautiful and Is it how it is to be alive again?
In retrospection, I died myriad times in introspection
Tell me and answer me honestly…Does fate really balance out things in the end?
To harbor slender and vile longing of my cigarette…As it burns and as it lets me asphyxiate

Who’ll I long for more?
To be rescued by arid air or to just kept on holding your hands?

By-Kshitij Sinha