Photographs (An early snippet)

Faces still collected, but lying apart
Today I removed the dust
And found several photographs
Maybe 6 or 7 years old
Some even dull and dark
But still, there were faces
Jumping and dancing…Zeal, Avid, and Zest as a fresh lark
Giving a little glimpse, incidents, memoirs resting on the door of retrospection
A question to ponder upon “what may have happened in past”
Those faces masquerading with charts, Shillhouttes of a dispersed camouflage
Laughter and cries…Just for a candy bar
Sailing or drowning in the boat stuck at the harbour of twinkling stars
Plucking the flowers to sowing paper cut daisies

Caught in the act…Caught in notorious mischiefs
Caught in these photographs…of reels and polaroids
Caught in the fragrance of nostalgia…Caught in a moment a frame
A lot to admire, or a lot to cherish
My breaths are counted…Preserved and caught in rays reflected through a glass

By – Kshitij Sinha