So What-If

It’s a calm and balmy day….So why I sense pain
I slept well and long, yet why I feel stressed
Isn’t it the day we met, then why it feels so disatant
I’ll say no more everything seems good in retrospect

So what if you drank more today
So what if you went out with your friends…I hate
So what if you were dizzy and couldn’t call back
So what if I’m not the one who deserves your call…when you’re drunk and selfless
So what if I’m not the man of your dreams
So what if I interfere into your personal being and space
So what if I’m not the one you’re going to spend your life with
So what if our hands will depart today, tomorrow a month’s way or maybe after several decades
Or maybe they already did when I left the city..but lips forget to recite again
So what if you don’t behave the way I want or like the girl I once saw,met, flattered and fall for
So what if I’m no longer the boy you desire to bend on your knees for
So what if this is who we are indeed
Two opposite ends of a string that was never meant to meet
Who am’I except a defeated officer who’s soldiers has refused to listen

Mutiny Mutiny Mutiny………
So what if my orders are just spoken words anymore
But remember my first “I love you” came for you
In the whole universe my first kiss belonged to you
So what if I cared for you more than I feared
But remember you’re the only one I’ll ever call sulu
So what if I keep checking my phone and go impatient as you don’t reply
So what if I’m no longer the home I used to be
So what if you hung up without Whispering I love you to me
So what if you don’t hesitate or resist whenever I decide to part my way
So what if you’re no longer that fragile..the humility I always miss
So what if I never realized that emotionally you’re more stronger than I could ever be
So what if you were never mine and in a single breath I gave all of me

By- Kshitij Sinha

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