The Dragon Breath

The dragon breath
Like a tremor sizzling middle of the night
Like tremors resonating the stars above and bright
I wished and I hoped
I prayed and chose you above all
My passion my ambition all dwelled in you
The dragon breath
Surreal is your nature, alone you left to collapse and struggle
I did surrendered and there you forgot your unturned slave
How just for an embrace a gaze I would linger
To measure the depth of your eyes.. I was freezed forever
Out upfront and defenseless.. I stood in persperation
Motionless you left gifting denials, rejections and betrayals
The dragon breath
Slowly with audacity you shivered all the hopes I possess
You were the epitome an ideal a paragon one I earned in solace
From the moment I set foot on the punishable land
You were there witnessing a known offence.. The memories that only spread pain
I begged for mercy, Yet what was my mistake

The dragon breath….. The dragon breath
I mourn for you, I always have
An unrequited love.. Abandoned again and again

By- Kshitij Sinha

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