Too Immature For Love

The darling sun today you shined and dear you have lured after a pretty long time
Bare is my body and bare is my soul
My nakedness doesn’t feel cold here, neither I shiver under the vicinity of your radiant memories
Peek your wisdom on my lonesome and parted eyes
Today I stand to beg for your mercy, my beloved unkind
Glare deep & deep till you get lost, disappeared under the seldom-told tales
The one I never recite, a ballet of dark and bright
Kept losing my myriad admirers, sting me with the bite of your formidable desires
Weren’t we open books, you & I
Let’s take a pause, let’s place our bookmarks underneath your broad welcoming chest, today let me cry
Forgive me for showering my love, forgive me for falling into your blunt smiles
Sorry that I dived in your words, sorry that I drowned in your ink
My body just a misfired creation of the divine… Forgive me for  forgetting the vicious feelings 
The feelings called emotions injected in the carcass I abide
I got infatuated I made you immortal in my rhymes
Ubiquitous you jingled and danced in my wildest dreams of midnight
Where I was dominant and you the epitome of my shrine
Guilt has filed my vanity the sanity I once proudly hold
Is now nothing more than a social disguise
A criminal act in service nothing more than an occupational hazard as you described
Your faith is entirely your own and dear I don’t desire a part in that symphony
Shadow of doubt my Mozart…Suddenly why you turned into an epilogue of the prologue I could never write
How to describe the essence of detachment when the bless of attachment is all you have always been deprived
Stalking the mirror I count my imperfections with every second passing by
“It’s not you, it’s me” really that’s the cliche you choose to perish my infinity already turned into void
So we ended up at our lowest expecting unexpected
Just by the beach, we met,  By the sea, I wept and he left
We laughed only to show nothing was felt
Let the water soak the tears
Time may be harsh, patience the only wall we had to sustain
Pretending not to look back
Let’s move on and finally, we separated
Leaving the heart
Once for Arabian and now in Bengal’s bay

By- Kshitij Sinha

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