I have been like that always uncertain and unprecedented
Yet so stable to be described as nobody 
They have seen my face, I doubt if they know my name
I seldom converse with them in the end
Not the long Nor even the small talk 
Making sure they don’t forget my existence 
By being in the shadow, to see the specimen in its crescent natural form
I hunt there behavior, I analyze the mask and I tarnish its presence
There’s no one I’m close to, nor the reverse works in my case
You may think I’m just a number, making this world a crowded place
One without a purpose, supporting actor at the station of sideways
Do you ever question how I feel? 
Do you ever bet among yourselves, that how weak I’m socially? 
Will I approach that girl, or will walk away with shame? 
Do people like me have friends? 
Is there anyone who ever understands? 
Haven’t your prejudice already turned me into a psychopath
Or what about a stalker at its best?? 
What are the probabilities that right now, I the pervert is not staring at you?
Feeling your heartbeat rising to a diplomatic level
Feeling the fear yet joking how brazen and funny the idea is
Banal are my words so does it even matters
What I hardly say

Your doubt is my luxury, viable business is your attention 
An opportunity of a lifetime, something I’m not used to already 
Yes… You exactly know who I’m 
You see me every day, our paths cross and yet you never greeted back
From womb to tomb we are bound to others 
Soon I’ll make you become so powerless, obsessed to control 
The control I’ll never give, the control I never had 
The control of intense feelings, beautiful and delicate

By- Kshitij Sinha 

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