Unfiltered Chronicles

 The leaf you hold the veil that keeps you secluded
Soon I’ll be blinded in the disguise of alliterations
Desolate the decorum of lights…What it holds and how hard it tries
Consulate of the spectrum, like diamonds you reflect the trial
It flickers…It ushers before ceasing to finite
Docile, amiable the unfathomable stood to be kind
On the curves of doctrine, evolution triggers its rise
Tick tack toe… do you hold your gaze like you cherish bygones
It’s going to be a vivid shivering November my joy of fall
A touch of hurdle a breath arouses over maritime
North of polka dots cosmos under the rippled sky
Balance has been hindered entropy exceeds the threshold
Apologies to barge in uninvited
Will there be a meltdown? a nascent inherited rhyme in the rhetoric oxymorons
The leaf you hold the veil that keeps you secluded
A swamp of riddles…Not today nor tomorrow
Not yesterday not day after
Old roses and cigarettes… We were wrong
You and I

By- Kshitij Sinha