A Crow’s Demise

 Tender lights twinkling turquoise
Your lips so soft, the poison of rebirth you imbibe
Why I feel a misnomer all of sudden…Why my wings are so lightened with burdens
Here I’m standing under the shadow, shivering underneath the lamp that flickers
Losing balance like a butterfly…To steps left and a foot right
Will you stand so docile and close twinkling like moonlight?
It’s fare thee well are you ready to churn the shrill goodbye
An ode to my ordeal as we have practiced myriad times
It’s a subtle splendor melancholic night…Just as planned just as asked
Precisely calculated in the multiverse of void
Yes my dear…I’ll be dressed in black and white
Holding tulips eloped in your fragrance of lavender…Captured in an orchid vine
In the gardens of vermins desolate of appetite
At the confluence of the silver lining of separation
Your angst is justified your despair is tinged with clementine
In my dreams, you paint…yet coloring monochrome was your choice
I’ll hold your hands as you whisper the cold blizzard, my flight has already been vaporized
Soon the cologne will be arid, the blood frozen, and the claws pinned at passerby
Just as you had predicted…Hypothermia will be the cause of my demise
Like a whistle stalling, drowning, settling over morbid sunshine
Who am’I except that outcast crow…Only one of its kind

By- Kshitij Sinha