Winter Heat

The winter heat and the unfathomable memories
I saw you and you looked back at me
Why I ask, Why not rhetorically ending with a question mark here 
Why a why with exclamation surprised in an ephemeral joy of despair 
Dwindling in blankets the quilt we touched and the pillows we shared
Singing it was morning’s hour
I wish you did and I know you cared
Terribly dark our tale of shepherds I the sheep and you the master
Like a leaf falling from a tree
No concussion no struggle
Just the detached art of letting go, I ran and you followed 
Ours roleplays our alibis, your tea boiled on higher flames
No sugar no adulteration, my coffee simply grilled on ice
Maybe that’s all I ever asked
Jingle and jingled the bells of humming sensations 
It’s Christmas a decade of togetherness a decade of your humbleness
Humbleness in the symphony of Chopin
Mozart you admired and I trapped in Fur Elise Beethoven played and the banal eye gazed 
Explaining the hazard of the piano to my cello player 
The doses of poison which hardly affect
Say you won’t leave me you ask
An obligatory question… Let’s change the topic let’s travel on a budget I never had
I the lost vagabond where you have always been my practical monsieur

The doors were shut but windows were wide open
And a beautiful breeze came blowing in
A malignant grin nurtured me and there exactly I was
In the coldness of your lap, in the arms of winter heat
Just like dandelion’s, I’ll leave you segregated in multiverse once and for all with a single blow
Yet all you always wanted was me to stay 
Stay in the loop of juvenescence youth 
Where I cherished in the wrinkles fiction gave 
It’s a loop my love a backward integration
Eagerly waiting to differentiate with the words you’ll say
The winter heat and the unfathomable memories
I saw you and you looked back at me
A beautiful chaos in motion

You may have merely adopted the darkness
Whereas I was born in it

By- Kshitij Sinha