No man is an island

The evening beauty is hard to cherish
Is it? Or it’s you who has made it? 
Romanticism in the conscious, why not let’s play this new game 
Wind does encircle me
Tight enough to caress, yet not strong enough to fly
Whom to blame the physical humane or the spiritual bird inside
So did passed the lady in red
Someone I couldn’t talk to, someone I used to talk
Someone I used to know, perfect strangers as she would say
I’m obliged Dear goldfish 
Wonder why you never complain or fight 
Why you smile when we converse 
Why you swim and dive in the solitary River 
Your abode of alone and lonely
Fins of sympathy 
Our gifted problem of the millennium, just can’t close the eyelids and pursuit to slumber 
Can’t sleep dwelled in thoughts of you, hatred and love plucking flowers predicting your moves
I require moments and several moments of amalgamation 
Being combined and joined the distorted thoughts 
Finding ways every night to follow beneath, till the breath breaks 
Having myriads of maneuvers, One and together
Deeply rooted in oneself 
Pondering to deviate in every devastating process
The corals you love & truthfully as you say the sea refuses no river 
Hook I sharp with the dawn, left and right your tricks in sunshine 
A void in my existence 
Gaining the gambled momentum
A backstage of dreams, the subconscious ready for numbness 
Walking along with someone thinking of someone else desiring someone yet being with no one
No one except self
Self the one I wish I could understand
One with multiple personalities, Everyone different from the rocks honeycomb of your maze 
Everyone deserving something else, Something other than being a fisherman of troubled waters 
Substitute for unknown substantial evidence 
Being baffled in oneself fulfilling the frailty of everyone else
Oh! World the silence can’t bear itself anymore 
How to handle the burden I have become on someone else 
The nets wait for you patiently, secret lovers hating each other in every possible way 
I’ll embrace this experimental love
Like the long quilt, hideout for randomness

One day you’ll make a mistake and that day I’ll lose the purpose of this thrilling life
No man is an island entire in itself

By- Kshitij Sinha