A life…

 There’s a winding road that there’s a darkness that surrounds
Let’s bygones be bygones and let’s wait till another holocaust 
It turns in ambiguity and ephemeral is the abyss
The path leads to you and the path is incessant  
You lived a life I wished for and you lived it without me
A life where you smiled and darling you have smiled after myriad rhymes
The shades of pastel and a caress with blue nail paints
A canvas of shivering old pages and the smell of chamomile boiling from ages
In midway, I stand…Midway the windup bird chronicles
Afrodasicac…Cheers to Bon Appetite
The droplets, The river, and the fall
A shelter under chaos, even the sky isn’t the same for either you or I
We stay together coupled under clockwork…
You talk and I listen
The more I seek the more lost I found
Amidst the rain of emotions, it’s the seclusion where I hide
To embrace…To hold you dwelled in a singular time
You lived a life and you had nothing to hide
Who am I to you…I live a life I never wished for and I’m there Darling
I’m next to you

By – Kshitij Sinha