As you like it – (The unsaid travel journal)

What was the last time you saw a shooting star, remember that fascinating bright-colored tail led by a magical flamboyant cosmic wave, just like a wizard circulating the dark? The last time I saw it was more than 13 years ago, from then I keep looking every day in the sky prepared to see that magic happen, but anything for which I have prepared in life I never got success. Guess being unprepared is what I’m best at. I remember it passing over the west horizon without any noise it came and passed like a perfect parabola so slowly that I could remember the whole track of it, they said to close your eyes and make a wish, no doubt I didn’t do any of it, I can’t miss that vision which has yet never happened to me, Like out of blue one in a millennium an opportunity which comes unnoticed, and before you know it’s long gone and vanished just faded in memories.
I cherish it and reimagine it, again and again, to know it was indeed real and reality doesn’t always need to be manipulated. I imagine it everywhere changing the backgrounds adding mountains and plains calm fountains and the symphony of skies, varying from bright to dark sometimes being alone and sometime’s there someone to hold my hand. Varying with speed and intensity sleeping over the yacht and another sun waiting to set another sun waiting to rise with forgiveness, just playing the requiem music over and over in the loop of ecstasy and pain.

As a child, I remember that dazzling star falling in the forest near to our home, so I keep visiting there in the search of my unconditional tryst with the fallen message waiting for it to illuminate. Like an eternal secret a bond between finite and infinite a voyage from definite to unbounded in a world where dimensions cease to exist, just like an immortal bridge the union of man and stardust, only to smile within.
Bridges are beautifully forming a connection between the broken and joined yet establishing a single entity completing the unsatisfied road and still, the path remains abridged. A body that resonates and laughs with you, where you could feel the joy of hanging under the delusion of gravity under the hallucinating state of levitation. There would be birds indefinitely flapping their wings with only one intention to fly, the wind caressing your cheeks, trees singing over a long lost melody. Being on a road and still not being on it, Surrounded by chaos yet it’s just the echo that repeats.
Merely then in that silver lining, a star will cross, with shining golden tail the smoke of exploration just going straight getting lost in the past, isn’t that’s why we make memories said someone wise. Diving in the misnomer well of future whom no one ever meets, just to realize the importance of present to realize it’s nothing other than a pilgrimage. You feel the conscious residing in the subconscious but a whole world thrives under the shelter of lost abode to dervish the dream palace of the unconscious.
Life turns upside down from vibrant colors to brazen under the ambiance of possibilities who knows where in the categorial pyramid you stay. like the reflection of a fearful evil maybe a menace atrocious but a kind snake, whose scales are shining, whose movements penetrate the space-time fabric being the only truth it sails, sailing unharmed spreading the peace that flourishes. Mind is a mysterious place and the world has always been strange.

Sometimes I question the reality of everything, was there even a star was a bridge ever met, can even snakes look beautiful. Falling in a perfect parabola how can I smile not being amazed.
Dear world, just accept me the way I’m. Just embrace me the way you want me to be.
I’m yours just the way you like it. 

By- Kshitij Sinha

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